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Welcome to our home full of cute gnomes and designer toys.  Most of our dolls are only made by House of Gnomes in South Africa.  Our pre-made dolls are OOAK (one of a kind) and will not be duplicated again.  This in itself is a valuable feature, especially if you are one of those few people who embraces uniqueness.

Our lovely gnomes and dolls are intended as decor elements and not toys.  We are continually adding to our product line and will also start making child friendly dolls in the near future.

XMAS 2023

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Please make sure that your order is in by 10 December 2023 to allow sufficient lead and shipping time.

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    More about our gnomes and decor dolls

    Our dolls are 100% handmade, authentic and unique.  We try to source everything we need locally in South Africa, but some components are not available here, leaving us with no alternative but to import.  We are always busy with research and design trying to bring to you the most unique designer toys and decor items available in South Africa.  Meet the owner, designer and maker of these amazing dolls.

    What our clients say

    For those looking for a gift to buy for someone special back in SA:  I ordered a handmade sheep decor doll from House of Gnomes.  The products are as beautifully made in person as they look in the photos on their website.  I highly recommend them!

    Carla Christine Sparrow

    Oh my!!! Beautiful packing and she’s more gorgeous than on your Facebook.  Thank you sooooo much!!  Will definitely support you in future!!

    Reinet Bell