How custom orders are processed.

Not every part of a doll is customisable.  You can choose the hair colour and type (eg. curls or straight).  You can also choose the overall colour appearance of the doll to fit your specific decor colours.

For example: Your little girl’s room is pink and white.  You can choose an overall white or pink colour.  We prefer some photos of the room to give us an idea of what we are working with. We will play around with fabric types that fit our brand and you have to sign off on it before we begin.

You can not choose the height and other dimensions of the doll.

You choose the type of decor doll you want and contact us by email  with the following information:

  1. Type of doll
  2. Girl / Boy
  3. Colour and type of hair (eg. straight, curly, blond, black etc.)
  4. Colour of clothing (eg. primary colour pink, secondary colour white etc.)
  5. Picture of own fabric that you will have to send to us
  6. Picture of room

We will then forward an estimated quote for you to accept, whereafter we will correspond with you with pictures of fabric, shoes etc. until you are satisfied.  You will then need to pay a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the quote before we start production.

Once we receive the 50% deposit, we will start working on your doll.  It all depends on previous orders we received.  Your doll can be finished at the earliest within 3 days up to 3 weeks.  If we do not have stock of the specific type of hair you chose, we will have to import it from the east and then your doll can take up to 6 weeks to be finished.  We will however give you options of the hair, shoes etc we do have in stock.  If you insist on hair, shoes etc. that we do not have in stock, you will have to wait for us to outsource it before we can begin production of your doll.

As soon as your doll is finished, we will ship it immediately.


We request  a non-refundable deposit of 50% which is not refundable should you cancel the order after we have begun production on it.  Once you accept the final assemblage, we will forward a contract/order form for you to sign and accept our terms and conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not necessarily. If you sign off on fabric, hair and accessories we have in stock, it will costs the same as our normal pre-made dolls in your chosen type. If you want something specific, we will have to outsource it and quote you accordingly. These type of dolls can also take up to 6 weeks before we can deliver.

You will sign off on the hair, accessories, fabric choices etc. before we begin production. During the process, we will forward pictures of different stages via Whatsapp. If you are unhappy with what we’ve done up to that point, we can recify it. This will cancel out any problems.

Yes. Many customers use specific fabric in their room decor and we can incorporate any fabric into the clothing of the doll.

Yes. If you choose to pay your doll in full up front (in stead of only 50% deposit) we offer 7% discount on the full price.


Custom Order House of Gnomes
Custom Order House of Gnomes
Custom Order House of Gnomes
Custom Order House of Gnomes
Custom Order House of Gnomes
Custom Order House of Gnomes
House of Gnomes
Order your Custom Made Doll

Please Place Your Order Well In Advance

No custom made orders are accepted after 1 November of each year, as we are busy processing Christmas Orders.

    House of Gnomes color_wheel_traditional


    Choose the primary and secondary colours from these standard fabric colours. This is just an indication of the colour family.


    Consider these complimentary colours when choosing your primary and secondary colours.

    House of Gnomes color_wheel_traditional

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